Let's celebrate 150 Years! July 1, 2017

Canada Day gives us an opportunity to gather in our community and proudly celebrate all we have in common. It is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, which were born in the audacious vision and shared values of our ancestors, and which are voiced in nearly all of the languages of the world through the contribution of new Canadians.
Canada Day is a time to celebrate the heritage passed down to us through the works of our authors, poets, artists and performers. It is a time to rejoice in the discoveries of our scientific researchers, in the success of our entrepreneurs, and to commemorate our history — a history in which each new chapter reveals itself to be more touching, more fascinating than the last.

12th Sunday in OT

A Graduate Blessing

God blessed you with unique talents and abilities,
and you have used those gifts well.
You’ve taken nothing for granted;
rather, you have worked hard to prepare for a challenging future.

Just as important as the lessons that
you’ve learned in the classroom
are the ways that you’ve grown as a person;
the friendships you have formed and the deeper understanding
you have acquired of yourself and others.

As you celebrate this milestone in your life and look towards
a new horizon, never forget what has brought you this far.
Remember the love of your family and friends.
Remember your own sacrifice and hard work.
And remember that God has a special plan for your life.

You have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.
may today mark the beginning of many
new joys and accomplishments
and a continuation of all of the good things that
you have already achieved.
Pamela Koehlinger

Congratulations and best wishes in everything you do.

God Bless you.
Father Joyson George, O. Carm.