We will be deleting all 2017 donation envelope boxes which have not been picked up this year.

 Please verify the donation envelopes you are using are dated the current year ‘2017’. We are still receiving donation envelopes from previous years and this may create several problems as deleted unclaimed boxes are reassigned to new parishioners.  If you do not have a donation box and would like one, please come into the office to pick one up. For those parishioners who have a current box please notify us of any changes to your address or telephone numbers. This is extremely important so that donations at the end of the year are correct for tax receipts. We appreciate everyone’s help and co-operation.


From Sept. 24 to Nov 5 you’re invited to join with others in a peaceful daily prayer vigil asking for God’s protection of all human life. Vigil runs daily from 8 am to 8 pm for 40 days at the Mississauga Women’s Clinic at 101 Queensway W. (corner of  Confederation) Our parish has adopted Tues. Oct 26 to pray at the vigil site  If you cannot pray on our adopted day or wish to sign up a group ,please contact or email