Here is simple advice on what to do during 40 days of Lent. He said we should take lots of Beer.
Now do not let your minds go wondering.
*B*    Bible…Read your Bible. This is God’s given time to be spiritually enriched with the word of God.
*E*     Empathy…Feel empathy for the poor and neglected and do something about it.
*E*     Eucharist…Go for mass frequently besides Sunday’s. If possible every day.
*R*    Reconciliation…This is the best to reconcile with those we have hurt, not talking, seek forgiveness. Restore our relationship with God and one another.


Lent – An openness to God

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me. (Psalm 51.10)

“What are you giving up for Lent?” Long ago on the playground of my Catholic elementary school, that was an eager topic of conversation as Ash Wednesday approached. Nowadays,  I like to think that my Lenten practices are a little more sophisticated, or at least more positive. I may choose to address a certain attitude, to be kinder, more generous with my time and recourses, more prayerful – all I hope, sincere and well-intentioned efforts.
However, it is easy to fall into the trap of treating Lent as a sort of self-improvement program. The truth is that it is impossible, solely by our own efforts, to make ourselves better or holier. Only God can effect change in us.
Perhaps what we need to “give up” this Lent is any false sense of self-reliance, as we humbly turn to the God who prays and works within and through us.

Loving God, may I begin this Lenten journey by acknowledging my utter dependence on you, who alone can purify my heart and transform my spirit.