Heeding the Call of Christ

“Come, follow me.” This is the beautiful invitation Jesus extends to His first disciples in the Gospel today. How often do we hear those same words, “come, follow me,” in our own lives? The Lord is constantly calling us to follow Him. By reflecting on today’s Gospel we can learn how we too can heed the call.

Firstly, it is important to remember that Jesus says to Peter and Andrew, “I will make you fishers of people.” Jesus calls them to mission. So too, Jesus calls us to mission as well, the mission of being true stewards of Christ for His glory and the good of the Church . The Gospel records that when the disciples were called, they “immediately left their nets and followed him. They saw in Christ all fulfillment and so followed him immediately. We should strive to imitate this eagerness in following Christ, for the Lord doesn’t want us to delay the plans He has in store for us.

Lastly, whenever we feel unworthy of the call of following Christ as stewards, we can take great consolation in the fact that Jesus chose lowly, uneducated fisherman for His first apostles. It is famously said that God doesn’t call the qualified, but qualifies the called. If the Lord calls us to a certain mission, He will sustain us through that mission as well. So let us strive to heed the call of Christ and begin to follow Him, the one in whom all our fulfillment is found.