Thank you for registering for "Return to Church"

Dear Parishioners,

A sincere thank you to all those who came to our church after the re-opening and those who worked so diligently to prepare for the “return to church” this past week and for all the work that continues as we move through this restricted period.

We recognize that things may not look or feel the same as they did before. Some may find this awkward or uncomfortable. Others may wonder why we have these new measures at all. We want to assure you that these temporary measures are only in place to make sure you stay healthy. We also want to assure you that we have done everything we can do to protect your health while you are at church.

The church is thoroughly sanitized before every Mass thanks to a team of volunteer. More volunteers are always needed to ensure the cleaning process quick and effective. If you are willing to help at any mass, please contact the parish office.

We encourage everyone wanting to attend weekend masses to register online prior to the weekend. This will help us monitor the number we can accommodate at our church.

How to register for Mass with Eventbrite:

Here is the link to our Eventbrite page:

The Registration with Eventbrite is very simple. You will be required to give the name and email address of those you wish to register. You will be receiving a ticket on your email once the registration is confirmed. It is recommended to bring a printout/e-ticket of your registration.  I request the elderly people, those who are sick and feel uncomfortable,  for your own health benefits, stay at home and watch the live stream masses online until the situation becomes fully normal. Family members can sit together.

Please visit our parish website for more details:

Once again, thank you to all those who have been working tirelessly to prepare for the re-opening of our church.

God bless, be well…. and see you soon.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Gijo