Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew by Duccio.

Altar Server
Baptism Team
Eucharistic Ministers (Daily)
Eucharistic Ministers (Weekends - Saturday and Sunday)
Liturgy of the Word with Children (youth)
Music and Choir (Singing and Instruments)
Children’s Catechist
RCIA Catechist
RCIA Sponsor
Altar Guild / Laundry Brigade
Catholic Women’s League (Membership) Sign up at their meetings 3rd Thursday evening.
Collection  (counting the donations)
Knights Of Columbus (Membership) Sign up at their meetings 1st Monday evening.
Prayer Group – meets every Wednesday evening
Rosary Apostolate
Strengthening The Caring Community (Screening Committee)
Visit the Sick at Home
Youth Group (Membership) Sign up at their meetings every Friday evening